Here are our business systems

Client Engagement process

1. Client contact email
Introduction of approach and costs
DOC: Autorespond (email) – Quick Update
DOC: Brief (webpage/pdf)- Review – Create webpage
DOC: development stages (webpage) –  Create webpage

2. Email/phone/skype discussions
DOC: get rolling (email) – Update
DOC: brief – As above

3. Proposal Refinement
DOC: proposal intro and next steps (email) – Create
DOC: proposal (pdf) Custom – Add anatytices / webmaster tools

4. Verbal Agreement from client
DOC: signing on (email) Quick Update
DOC: deposit invoice (sassu pdf) – Complete
DOC: legals  (pdf) – Review / Update find url No emergency support
DOC: efficiency (webpage) – Quick Review (plus reference existing doc)
DOC: development stages (webpage) – As above

5. Setup
DOC: Asana setup (email) – Create –
DOC: efficiency – (webpage) As above